A Few Guidelines On Key Criteria In Online Fashion

A Few Guidelines On Key Criteria In Online Fashion

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Stores Borrow Tricks From Online Retailers

Stores Borrow Tricks From Online Retailers Memory mirrors and other technology inside stores are expected to boost customer service The retail industry is undergoing another major shift -- to e-commerce. How did we get here? Photo: Associated Press Retailers may be closing some store locations, but the ones they are keeping are embracing technology to compete with online shopping. Some stores are bringing in facial-recognition technology to alert salespeople that a customer in their loyalty program has walked in. Others, tapping into the popularity of how-to videos and social media, are installing mirrors that double as video screens and cameras to record a makeup artist’s step-by-step application, which then can be sent to the customer’s phone. Copyright ©2018 Dow Jones & Company , Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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